North America and the Caribbean

Arizona  |  Total images: 168
Arizona, May 2021 A birding trip to Southeastern Arizona
Cuba  |  Total images: 228
Cuba, March 2017
A birding trip for Cuba's endemics, with a few days in Havana
Alaska  |  Total images: 106
Alaska, July 2008 The Kenai Penninsula and a fly-in bear viewing trip to Katmai National Park
Florida  |  Total images: 60
Florida, February 2009 Birding in Southwest Florida: Sanibel, Fort Myers, Venice Rookery and environs
San Blas, Mexico
San Blas, Mexico  |  Total images: 117
San Blas and Puerto Vallarta, Mexico, February 2007
Puerto Rico
Puerto Rico  |  Total images: 42
Puerto Rico, February 2005
St. Lucia
St. Lucia  |  Total images: 53
St. Lucia, West Indies, February 2004
New Mexico
New Mexico  |  Total images: 21
New Mexico, April 2004
Hawaii  |  Total images: 33
Maui and the Big Island, July 2003
Most taken with Coolpix 5700
Oaxaca  |  Total images: 46
Semana Santa in Oaxaca, Mexico, April 2003
Taken with Nikon F100 and Velvia film